[PROMO] In-Anna – I feel Alive (Indie / Pop / Electro)

7 Aug

I was born in the UK but currently reside in Lake county California. I have won semi-finalist at song of the year which was judged by Steven Tyler, Phil collins, Alicia keys, Don Henley, Sony Music and more.


I am Currently recording my Album, due to be released this Autumn. My songs just flowed through me effortlessly after visiting a Buddhist temple, which I then experienced a profound healing within me. Gig dates will be annouced in August for this FALL/WINTER 2014. It is with Joy to be able to share these songs with you all.

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[PROMO] Handwrist – Agrestic (Art Rock / Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock)

14 Jul

Handwrist is an experimental rock project by composer/guitarist Rui Botelho Rodrigues, from Lisbon, Portugal. Experimental in the sense that it can go anywhere, from progressive rock to contemporary classical, from post-rock to jazz fusion.

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[PROMO] The Tommy Numbers & the Wildcats – Just Because (Rock ‘n’ Roll / Rockabilly)

14 Jul

I spoke to guitarist Skip Krevens about doing an album of songs from the dawn of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He suggested that an album like that should be recorded like the albums of that era, in which the band would set up in one room and record all the tunes live. He offered his longtime Rockabilly trio, The Eugene Chrysler Band, for the session. On a beautiful Saturday in October, the guys came over. We started recording at Noon and played through many songs, doing one or two takes of each song and then moving on. It was a lot of fun. Before evening fell, we had all these songs recorded. What is really amazing, is that all the instruments are just as they were recorded on that day. Not one overdub or ‘punch’ was needed, not even for the lead guitar, which is truly remarkable. These songs represent the roots out of which grew, the Bossa Nova Beatniks. We hope you have fun with this simultaneous sojourn into the past and future. – Tommy Numbers

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[PROMO] Oliver Vierkorn – Enola (Electronica / Chill Out)

11 Jul

Oliver Vierkorn ist ein Hamburger Musikproduzent und Multiinstrumentalist mit Erfahrung in sowohl Rock, als auch elektronischer Musik. Sein derzeitiges Solo Projekt ist geprägt von Dance und Electro, distanziert sich allerdings vom Mainstream Einheitsrezept.

In seinem neuen Album ENOLA verarbeitet Oliver Vierkorn tiefliegende Emotionen und schafft eine bewegende Atmosphäre getrieben von experimentellen Beats, die sich hin und wieder aus Elementen von Hip-Hop, Minimal und House bedienen.

Oliver Vierkorn folgt seiner „Don’t believe the hype” Philosophie und engagiert sich nebenbei in verschiedensten Musik-Projekten, produziert Hip-Hop Beats und gründete eine Rockband.

[PROMO] Pau – Paupulism (Pop / Indie)

15 Apr


Pau – drei Buchstaben und vier Typen aus Hamburg, die den Rhythmus zur Melodie und die Melodie zum Rhythmus machen. Pau sind zugleich konzentriert und entfesselt, detailverliebt und großzügig.

Und sie verbinden diese scheinbaren Gegensätze zu einem eigenwillig eingängigen Sound, irgendwo zwischen Post-Punk, Indie-Pop und dem Rand der Tanzfläche. Nachzuhören live oder auf ihrer Debüt-EP „Paupulism“ (Digitaler Release am 28.3.2014 auf allen gängigen Download-Portalen)

Pau sind Arne Kittler (Bass), Jens-Rainer Berg (Schlagzeug) (beide Ex-Jullander), Sönke Arlt (Gitarre, Gesang) und Jan Nannen (Rhodes). Es gibt sie seit 2012; in der Öffentlichkeit seit 2013.


Pau – three letters and four guys from Hamburg, Germany, that turn rhythm into melody and melody into rhythm. Pau are at the same time focussed and untamed, detail-loving and ample.

And they combine these seeming opposites to create an idiosyncratic, catchy sound, somewhere between postpunk, indie pop and the outer reaches of the dance floor.

Pau are Arne Kittler (bass), Jens-Rainer Berg (drums) (both ex-members of the late Hamburg -based band Jullander), Sönke Arlt (guitar, vocals) and Jan Nannen (rhodes).

They exist since 2012 and played their first shows in 2013. Now they put out their debut EP „Paupulism“ (digital release March 2014).

We are looking for radio airplay, blog posts and magazine articles for this artist, but also opinions and feedback are greatly appreciated!

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[PROMO] eyesix – Limerence (Ambient / Electronic / Experimental)

29 Jan

eyesix is a producer of ambient electronic music based in Galway, Ireland. Heavily influenced by bands such as Boards of Canada and Tycho, amongst others. Nature, psychedelics and a love for all things retro and vintage, are some key elements reflected in his music. eyesix also creates videos to accompany his tunes, believing it to provide a far more powerful experience. He is also a graphic designer and does his own artwork for releases.

Campaign Start: 29.01.2013

[PROMO] Kismet – Day by Day (Indie / Folk / Alternative)

27 Jan

Kismet is an acoustic quartet from Boston featuring cello and upright bass. They play acoustic music based on roots folk and indie rock with a haunting yet uplifting sound.

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[PROMO] Lehnen – I See Your Shadow (Post Rock)

27 Jan

It was time for a change; a change unlike the ones we’d experienced before. We decided to write the SONG, not the album, do whatever it takes to make it the best song possible even if it meant passing on the temptation to rely on things like electronic beats, and let that wall of sound breath from time to time, sometimes even leaving vocals out.

“I See Your Shadow” was conceived using a new mindset: Do the best you can, have fun with it, and stop looking to the future for change. Change is everywhere you choose to see it. Using this mindset and 1,5 years of stage absence, 10 songs finally found a way to live in harmony. Sonically, “I See Your Shadow” is closer to our initial dream than anything we’ve released in the past. Upon first looking at the song titles and scanning through the lyrics, one may be tempted to believe this album is about death. It isn’t. Death is a prominent character that reappears when necessary, driving the REAL point home : “Life won’t wait. If you have love in your life, embrace it and never let go.”; a message made even more personal to the members of our band by the passing of several loved ones in our family and the families involved in the creation of the record. But while they moved on, we feel like we’ve been given the chance to start new.

Campaign Start: 00.00.2013

[PROMO] In This Decade – Fly Tonight / Don’t count on tomorrow (Rock)

27 Jan

After jamming for most of 2011 and seriously considering writing original songs during the winter of 2011-2012, the Rock band In This Decade was formed in early 2012 by friends who jammed informally for years.

In late 2012, at the urging of their producer to release a song to gauge response, the final Demo of Fly Tonight was decided on to be the debut single and released February 9, 2013.

Fly Tonight was a hit on a half dozen Indie music charts within weeks of its release, scoring #1’s on Artistopia, ArtistServer, AudioFarm and OverPlay as well as Top 10’s, Top 20’s, Top 40’s and Top 100’s on Artistopia, NumberOne Music and SoundClick – The First Internet Charts where it charted at #56 out of 251,362 songs in the Rock genre
and #17 out of 56,685 songs in the General Rock Charts.

During the first several months after the release of Fly Tonight it was featured on several popular Podcasts on MusicAlley and highly complimented by the DJ’s.

8 Months after release, Fly Tonight is still rising on the charts. The Artistopia Pop & Rock Indie Music Chart has Fly Tonight at #1, the Artistopia Indie Music Charts – Top 100 has Fly Tonight at #11, In This Decade is a Featured Artist on Artistopia, the NumberOneMusic NY Alternative Chart has Fly Tonight at #14, the NumberOneMusic NY Rock Chart has Fly Tonight at #16 and In This Decade is #1 on the local ReverbNation Music Charts during the second week of November 2013. During this short time, In This Decade has established a worldwide, loyal fan base that is very vocal about how much they love the bands unique sound even as they demand more after hearing just one song.

Following the astounding success of In This Decade’s debut single, the band got right back to work on their self-titled debut EP.

Undaunted even in the midst of tragedy and a series of setbacks that delayed the release of their debut EP, a second single, Don’t Count on Tomorrow, was released on October 30, 2013 as they continue to work on their EP. Within days of the release of Don’t Count on Tomorrow, In This Decade once again charted in the Top 10 of the ArtistServer Rock, AudioFarm Daily and Weekly Rock, NumberOneMusic Alternative and Rock and the Overplay Rock Indie Charts.

In This Decade was told numerous times they are unique in the Rock genre, exactly what they intended to do from their inception as they forged out a distinctive sound of their own.

Campaign Start: 27.01.2013

Hanne Kah – Rain (Official Video)

26 Dez